Shared folder access from vagrant

I have copied handouts to shared folder. But when I ssh to vagrant and do ls on /shared directory, it is throwing error as below.

vagrant@m103:~$ /shared

-bash: /shared: Operation not permitted

could someone help me on this?

resolved the issue by restarting the vagrant

Make sure you understand the difference between the following:

A sub-directory of the root directory.
A sub-directory of the current directory.
Like ./shared

They could also be files, or links but I used sub-directory as it fits the context and allow simpler text. If I remember m103 correctly, you should have used shared not /shared as you were in /home/vagrant/.

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Funnily enough, on M103 I do believe it’s /shared :slight_smile:

The issue is that they did not enter a command, just a path :slight_smile:

Try ls /shared.

I do think an note in course notes about where shared is, and how it works, would be useful.

I don’t think I got around to using it until chapter 2 :slight_smile: