Sharding config hanging

While trying to configure sharding in the lab. after i attempt to start mongos with mongos -f mongos.conf. It just hangs forever. I have no idea why and have searched thru this forum and see other issues but not this. I feel like I understand how to do this , but have no idea if it has to do with the IDE or not. Im following every instruction as far as I know.

The lab says

Some components have already been configured for you:

  • the Configuration Server Replica Set csrs is running on csrs/localhost:27004,localhost:27005,localhost:27006
  • a replica set shard1 is running on shard1/localhost:27001,localhost:27002,localhost:27003
  • the m103-admin user has been created on both replica sets with password m103-pass

Your configDB: is wrong. The replica set is csrs, not m103-csrs. The host is localhost, not

Ok thanks. Im going to go thru it again. Apparently I got major confused somewhere. I noticed the 27000 range and did it all different ways and it would nt connect . 26000 was the only place i was getting any action at all, so i concentrated too much there. This stuff is melting my brain today