Sharding a timeseries collection

Hi All,
with respect to this documentation

Mongodb version used: 5.0.17

I am trying to shard the time series collection, but it is not getting replicated to other shard members.

   { "metadata.sensorId": 1 },
      timeseries: {
         timeField: "timestamp",
         metaField: "metadata",
         granularity: "hours"
) {
   "metadata": { "sensorId": 5578, "type": "temperature" },
   "timestamp": ISODate("2021-05-18T00:00:00.000Z"),
   "temp": 12
} )

Now when I login to each shard, the time series collection is available on only one shard from where it was created. I am connecting to router to create the time series collection.
The above steps works fine for regular collection.

Thanks in advance.

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