Shard Server and config files

I just finished M103 courses.
I have a simple question, at the end of setup how many process mongod is running ?
3 for CRSR (ports 26011, 26012, 26013) and one mongos (port 26000) OR
3 for CRSR (ports 26001, 26002, 26003) , 3 for sharding (ports 26011, 26012, 26013 ) and 1 for mongos (port 26000)
How many config file at the end of setup ?
csrs_1.conf , csrs_2.conf, csrs_3.conf and node1.conf, node2.conf, node3.conf ?


3 for csrs,3 for replicas and 1 mongos
It could be even more depending on number of shards in your setup
I think one shard is already setup so that will add another 3 mongods
Regarding config files 3 for data nodes,3 for config servers and one for mongos
If it is a 2 shard setup another 3 config files corresponding to 3 mongods as I mentioned above