Shard collection

This SHARD COLLECTION is getting me more confused the more I troubleshoot to figure out my issue. I have successfully logged in to my NODE 4,5,6 with port (27004,27005,27006) and also created and logged in to CSRS 4,5,6 with port (26004,26005,26006), as I said, I am not more confused that even a beginner.


Was able to go into mongo with port 26004

I seem not to understand the steps to take from here. please, i need a help here…on the steps to get to my destination.

I would suggest that you follow the video, pause it, run commands, play etc. Don’t rely solely on the Lecture Instructions, it’s not as complete as the Video.

@007_jb I really do not understand why i could not be able to login to mongos.

Like I said, follow the video. There’s a step that’s mentioned in the video that’s not in the Lecture Instructions.