Shard collection lab


I’m at the shard collection lab.
The validation script keep returning one of theses answers :

    1. Replica set 'm103-repl-2' not configured correctly - make sure each node is started with a wiredTiger cache size of 0.1 GB. Your cluster will crash in the following lab
  • 2 . No documents found in m103.products - make sure you import the dataset into the 'products' collection in the 'm103' database.

Note that the cache size is on 0.1GB and data is imported on the m103 db and products collection.

I have seen that other people are facing the same problem.
Is there any solution ?

The only workaround we have seen so far is to simply keep trying. Just re-run the validator a number of times. With any luck, it’ll catch!

In the meantime, one question to you would be whether you would please describe your lab setup. You are probably running the VM through Vagrant + VirtualBox, like the rest of us. What kind of hardware are you working with? Laptop / PC, amount of RAM, type of CPU, type of storage, the host operating system and so on. Perhaps we can find a pattern between the people who are running into these problems.