[Shard a Collection Lab] What is the good shard key?

This lab is not right!
I’m LEARNING .I don’t have the experince to choose a proper shard key.
I had to import and drop the collection 4 times before I guessed * name * as the “good” key.
I still don’t know why * name * is the good one!

Please clarify.

p.s. I’ll give u this : I now know the mongoimport syntax by heart

Hint:There are two fields which are good for shard key and they should have index

What error you got when you used other key?Why you had to drop collection 4 times
I think shard key must have been covered in your lectures
terms like cardinality,low frequency etc .A monotonically increasing value is not a good choice
Suggest check mongo documentation

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You should revisit Chapter 3: Sharding - Picking a Good Shard Key and share with us which part is confusing so that we can help you understand. The concepts

are covered in this lecture.

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Hi @Cristian_Musat,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will share it with the team.

You can also refer our documentation on “How to choose a shard key”.

~ Shubham

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