Shard a collection Lab - Security configuration of the 2nd Replica Set

So we are turning the authorization OFF on the 2nd Replica Set “m103-repl-2”?, and not creating the m103-admin user on the 2nd Replica Set like in the first Replica Set?? So far I am having problem adding any node member to the new Replica, I cannot drop the local database either:


My main questions here are these two:

  1. should we ALSO enable authorization in the M103-Repl-2 replica set…
  2. should we ALSO need to create user “m103-admin” in the “admin” in the second replica set.

These are important information somehow skipped over in both the Lecture demos and the Lab description.

Replica set uses a keyfile for internal authentication, clients must authenticate before performing any actions.
Yes on second replicaset also user need to be created

Thanks, that helped…soldier on;)