Setup of environment

The command for setting up folders for the virtual environment is given in the lecture as:
cp -r m103-vagrant-env ~/university/m103
I was assuming that ~/ is our home directory as per unix, which is /users/howard.tarko but the final command in the lecture setup of vagrant is
Must I create an additional user folder in the directory /users?
I must have missed this. Was it part of the lectures?

Howard Tarko

Hi @Howard_84497,

You don’t have to create any directory or something.

Please follow the instructions mentioned in the Lecture Notes beneath the video lecture and you would be able to set up the virtual machine on your system.

Note: Please download the VirtualBox version 6.0.14 and not the 6.1 version as it is having some issue with Vagrant.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Thanks, Shubham,

I downloaded the latest version of version 5 at the suggestion of the error message. This worked. Will this cause any problems in our course work? should I
delete the version 5 on my mac and reinstall version 6.014?

I appreciate the quick response. I think that the course is excellent.