Setup issues on win7

where is university\m103 directory suppose to go? I’ve tried multiple locations based on what I did with the path variable, but when I got to try the vagrant up --provision command I’m reading it as I’m in the wrong directory. I do have powershell installed. (running win 7)

error - Must redirect to new repository for old Vagrant versions
The executable ‘powershell’ Vagrant is trying to run was not
found in the %PATH% variable. This is an error. Please verify
this software is installed and on the path.

The issue is not with the “university” path, but with the fact that for some reason your Windows 7 cannot find Powershell.exe.

What happens when run press [Windows][R] to call the “Run:” box, enter “powershell.exe” there and press [Enter]? That should start a Powershell window. If it doesn’t, your Windows box doesn’t have Powershell installed. It’s needed.