Setup for the course

Hi, Can you provide details for the vagrant and the installation. Even if not mandatory, I feel this is important to do the exercise or to see it working. For example, I am on Windows 10 and I installed VirtualBox. What are next steps ?: Setup a Linux VM with which OS (Ubuntu ? other ? Maybe gcc is already install, so you should provide some sort of step by step instruction on the recommended setup (MinGW really required?). Another example, in your intro video, you are talking about some downloads… I have no clue how to access course material from the Linux VM… I am following the course on windows, should I work only form Linux at this point ? So a lot of question as I am trying to learn out of it. By the way, I want to do it on Linux for me to be supported for the course. I am also interested for Window latter on. By the way, with M001: MongoDB Basics, it was easy to have access to the required environment for the course.

Chapter 0, M042 Vagrant Environment shows installation instructions for the Linux vagrant environment on Windows. I’m not entirely sure what else you’re after.

I am expecting more guidelines/instructions. within the course to set it up like the way the video is recommending it (host on my site and cluster on the VM side). I will set Linux Mint (as this is the more popular I guess) on the latest virtual box 6.0.18.

I see @Denis_Gilbert_55813. As this course is about the new features in MongoDB 4.2 the expectation is that course takers are already familiar with creating mongod servers.
If you would like practical hands-on experience on setting up mongod servers (just like in the video), I’d recommend taking the M103 Basic Cluster Administration course.

Ok fine, I taught the number ordering was the way to go
But the developer learning path goes with the m103. Thanks

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