"settings" collection is absent under "config" db

Hi Everyone,

While passing the M103 and particularly Chapter 3:Chunks I’ve found that I don’t have “settings” collection under my “config” DB, thus it is impossible to change the ‘chunksize’ attribute value. How is that possible that mentioned collection is lost?

I will appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance.

What does db.settings.findOne() show?
Did you try to change chunksize
Some of the collections show after operations are done like databases for example
Unless you do sharding related steps you will not see it


Hi @Ramachandra_Tummala ,

Pardon me for the delayed response. As I dropped the screenshots with collections within “config” db, there is no collection like “settings”, thus I am getting “null” value after db.settings.findOne() command.

Hi @Ramachandra_Tummala ,

A small update. The “settings” collection appeared when I turned off/turned on the Balancer State.
Thanks for the tip about collection appearance after DB’s settings change.

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