Setting up environment

I’m using anaconda on windows machine. I opened the zip file, created an environment, and downloaded the requirements. Initially everything worked fine and I was able to see the MFLIX website. I turn off my computer and come back a couple of days later and now I’m not able to run the application.

When I try to I get an error markupsafe module not found. It’s weird because I made sure I have the latest conda version and the requirements should all be satisfied. I can’t logon to the local server 5000.

Hi @Chris_Duff

Looking at the output from the screen it appears that the environment being selected for your mflix-python is your computer’s base python environment rather than the anaconda environment that you configured.

Can you confirm that you activated your Anaconda environment when you started the new terminal session ?

conda activate (environment name)

If the environment is activated, then this could be due your terminal environment PATH variable not being set to search the anaconda path before it searches the base python path. This essentially means the shell environment will always ‘find’ the base python environment rather than your anaconda environment.

Can you review the installation process on the Anaconda site, specifically step 8 to determine what steps you need to resolve this based on how you installed it as there are two different possibilities (and solutions) that are possible?

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i believe most of these errors can be solved by clearly reading the error description. i got an error installing pyzmq==18.1.0 and i commented it out. i got other error and the error wanted me to specify a --user flag which i did and then another flag which was --use-feature=2020-resolver which i did and my application is working fine

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