Setting up a shard cluster in Fedora 31

Hi I’m a newbie to MongoDB and I’m trying to setup a shard cluster, along with 1 config server and 1 mongos. However, I found out, after changing the license of MongoDB, Fedora community decided to remove the MongoDB server entirely (starting Fedora 30). (link)

Thus, I’m interested to know how my requirement could be satisfied… Any ideas are welcome…


Welcome to the community. There’s a detailed instruction in the page Deploy a Sharded Cluster that will take you step by step on deploying one.

Are you trying to deploy a sharded cluster for testing/educational purposes? Please note that there are many considerations on using a sharded cluster since it’s quite a bit more complex than a standard replica set setup.

If you’re trying to setup a sharded cluster for production use, I would recommend you to be familiar with the whole Sharded section on the MongoDB manual, or provision a cluster using Atlas where the deployment is managed and secured for you ready to use.

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Thanks for the reply… At the moment, just getting to know MongoDB and how it works (shard cluster, etc)

However, I was able to install and then setup MongoDB.
Thanks again…!!