Set user profile data like First-name Last Name - Phone -Address

Hi there,
As mention in the subject can you kindly guide me where/how can I set the user profile data like first name laste name , phone , address…
I am able to register a user with email and password but could not figure out how to the mentions user info.
Kind regards, Behzad

Have you looked into custom user data?

When a user logs in, you can populate the data with an Authentication Trigger, or afterwards when you’ve acquired the data with a write to the custom user data collection that you specify.

Hey @Sumedha_Mehta1,

I have a question related to this. I’m successfully using custom user data, but there’s also this Realms.Sync.UserProfile in Realms.Sync.User and I’m wondering about this. I know custom user data is useful for things like canRead / canWrite to partitions (or other custom data…). Is UserProfile populated when you use social authentication or how is it intended to be used?


Yep this is related to Social Auth (Google, FB) and should be populated if you use those providers

it’s curious that typescript definitions show some fileds on the profile object that are not present except email