Set up help requested

Please help with the set up, getting error trying to use conda command as displayed.

Thanks !

  1. Did you set PATH variable so it points to
    a) Anaconda3;
    b) Anaconda3\Scripts
    c) Anaconda3\Library\bin

  2. Do not go to the data\sample_mflix folder, stay in the mflix-python folder for the conda (Error in the lesson text.)

Hi !

Had problem with setting up the PATH variable. Current setting is as displayed. Please advise.


Hi @ajaibhatnagar

The path you have entered in System Environment Variable List is correct, However, where you enter it is equally important.

Before proceeding further, make sure that you have installed your Anaconda application on C (C:\Anaconda3). If not, replace wherever C:\Anaconda3 with the location you have installed it on.

There are three ways to solving this issue.

  1. In System Environment Variables window, under User variables for <your account> table select Path and click on Edit button. Add the three anaconda entries as mentioned my @torus_ot (Additionally, make sure that Anaconda3\Scripts is on top of the list). Restart your computer and run the command conda --version on yout terminal to see if it worked.

    This method is a bit tricky but recommended the procedure of doing it.

  2. On your Windows Command Prompt, execute the command:
    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Anaconda3\Scripts\;C:\Anaconda3

    Run the command conda --version to see it worked.

    This method is also good, but you have to run the mentioned set command every time you reboot your computer and hence not a good practice.

  3. If none of the above methods worked, Press Windows key and type Anaconda Prompt on your windows Program search. In the opened prompt, navigate to the location where you have extracted mflix files using cd command (Example: cd D:\M220P\mflix\). Now you can proceed to work normally as they showcase on course videos.

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