Services are not included in realm-web code if it's installed via npm

Hi again,

I’ve noticed that is undefined (it’s missing from the App constructor) if u install the package via npm (1.0.0-rc.1).

It works if you use this script cause services are present here.

Is it intended? This way you can’t access MongoDB service if you install via npm install.

This is intended. There’s a breaking change in Realm Web 1.0.0-rc.1 altering the API to align with the Realm JS API where services and functions are available from the User instance:

const mongo = user.mongoClient("<atlas service name>");
const db = mongo.db("<my-database-name>");
const collection = db.collection("<my-collection-name>");



My bad, I’m sorry :smile:

No worries :slight_smile: As Realm Web approaches 1.0.0 I don’t expect breaking changes like this in the near future.

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