Service unavailable for new clusters?


Just signed up & created a cluster for prototyping a nestjs app. It keep getting this banner up top of my admin panel:

Sorry, we’re deploying some big changes of our own and are temporarily unable to process your request. We expect to be back up and running very soon.

And then I can’t seem to connect to the database from my nestjs backend, even though I am following, as far as I can tell, all the instructions. I am deploying on the free tier, AWS Oregon (us-west-2). I’ve whitelisted all IPs and trying to connect user/password which are correctly configured on the application side.

I am guessing this is due to unavailability? Others getting this?

Seems I’m not the only one. See also this topic:

Hi :wave: @Francis_Vachon,

I hope everything is fine and working now!

You can refer to the status page of Atlas:

The Atlas Web UI issue is resolved and all systems are operational.