Service Configuration - what should it be?

The course explains how to install a previous version.
For the current version:
What should the service configuration be?
Select Network Service or local/domain user?
If local/domain user
then what Account Domain and Account Password?


Could you share a screenshot of this screen so we can better address your questions and help others that may come across this?

Hi, What is the correct settings about the installation step below?


For M001 you do NOT need to install MongoD, nor do you need to run the service.

If I do not need to install, why this installation is describing at the M001 - Chapter 2 - Installing the mongo Shell (Windows) step? The video is for old version. It is not updated and I cannot continue the lessons.

You do not need to install the service. You have to install the other stuff though.

So just take about the checkbox that says “Install MongoD as a Service”. Remove it. You don’t need it, actually you don’t even want it right now.