Server Tools Overview - Incorrect Answer to the Quiz

Hi Support Team,

I believe the the Quiz question mentioned under Server Tools Overview has incorrect answer. Could you please check it especially the option where the correct answer is mentioned as mongoexport outputs bson whereas it actually outputs json. Could you please review other options too.


Where’s the proof that this is one of the correct options? It wasn’t the case when I took this course.

I think there is some gap. The correct answer can be seen on the quiz itself. There is a button to see the correct as per the person who designed the course but the videos explaining this section is in contrast with the correct answer accepted for the quiz. I am not sure if this is what you want to know or something else.

I am not sure if there is a communication gap/misunderstanding. If you could please paraphrase.

In your first post you said that one of the correct options in the quiz is “mongoexport outputs bson”, so I’m asking for a screenshot proof of this.

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Hi @Harpreet_53505,

The quiz answers are correct. Please share a screenshot if you are seeing this option selected as a correct answer.

~ Shubham

Hola en la pregunta:
Which of the following are true differences between mongoexport and mongodump?

La primera repuesta es:
Mongodump can create a data file and a metadata file, but mongoexport just creates a data file.

Sin embargo como tal mongoexport NO crea un archivo si no se lo indicas, me parece que es un error de sintaxis en la respuesta

Sorry I think I probably made a mistake while interpreting or something. It is working as expected.

@BalamEliseoB no hablo Espanol. Solo Ingles por favor.

Documentation says:

Hi @KaurPreet,

Great thanks for verifying.

Hi @BalamEliseoB,

I hope you found @007_jb’s response helpful. For additional information you can refer our documentation on mongodump and mongoexport.

If you are still having any questions, please feel free to get back to us.

~ Shubham