Server Tools - misc questions

in the Server Tools video - the instructor invokes the stats and notes it will run forever - and cancels that… question: how is it canceled?

in the mongoimport at the manual I notice that the syntax involves an = symbol - - is this just old and no longer needed…?

somewhere Profiler/Security/Server Tools - - there is displaying values surrounded by single quote ’ symbols rather than double "… is this a linux v windows issue or some other explanation?

in mongoimport I did not use the --drop but still completed; I see that in the video lecture but don’t understand it’s role for this import task

in mongoimport I did not use the \ symbol for challenge after user and after authentication database; but still completed; I don’t understand it’s role for this import task

Quite a few questions there @James_58604 :wink:

  1. Ctrl+C or Ctrl+D
  2. These two are equivalent
    --option value
  3. You can use either. If your string/value contains a single quote, you surround it with double quotes and vice-versa.
  4. Refer to the documentation
  5. Not sure what you’re referring to here. Share a screenshot.
  1. screen shot would reveal test answer…how about this…it is the official test answer versus my answer (that passed) involving this snippet from the test answer:
    mongoimport … m103-application-user"
    … “admin”
    –db …

obviously you know what the … stuff is that is missing - my answer didn’t have \ symbol and so am wondering about it’s use/function in this case… am thinking it involves challenge but don’t know for sure…

That backslash is line continuation in JavaScript because the mongo shell is interpreted in JavaScript.

hmm well okay - my lack of javascript is obviously showing… thanks though…

Thanks @007_jb.

Hi @James_58604,

We are in the process of creating some additional reading material for those users who are not comfortable with the syntaxes used in the queries as well as the linux commands.

Please feel free to get back to us if you have any questions.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

That would of course be welcomed… though I would rather be doing all of this in Compass as a visual studio using objects - and not at command line at all!