Secondary read on replica set


having a replica set with 3 nodes (2 secondary nodes) does it make sense to use secondary read preference? I was thinking that using secondary read preference in that case will increase the read throughput as the load should be spread between these two secondary nodes. Is that the case?

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Yes but at the high risk of reading stale data. For analytic purposes, it is fine. But for end user that also performs updates, it is a big NO.

So if it’s OK for the end user to get stale data then this can be considered a good practice, right?

I would not consider providing stale data a good practice. An acceptable one in some use-cases.

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You can check this documentation for Read Preference Use cases:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Why . due to stale data or some other reason ?

Indeed, it is entirely due to stale data.