Seaver Choy - MUG Leader Intro (Philippines Chapter)

Hey everyone!

I’m Seaver, an Associate Director of Engineering for a vertical e-commerce startup for moms and babies, edamama.

We’ve been utilizing edamama for the past three years going from 0 to 1 for our Startup. Now that we’ve found product market fit, we’re currently optimizing the various queries we have on MongoDB to allow us to get from 1 to 10.

Metro Manila, Philippines is a hotbed for new tech startups. We have various fintech, e-commerce, and entertainment industries that are on the rise. Although talent and MongoDB developers are rare, edamama exposes developers to MongoDB and how to utilize it the best way. (Don’t use $unwind, $match! Super bad practice)

You can reach out to me in if you have any more questions!