Search results not accurate

I am using the MongoDB Compass desktop app on Windows 10 and everytime I try to search something with a query, it doesn’t pull up any results even though I can see the query is correct. Am I doing this wrong? This also doesn’t work on the web version of MongoDB.

@vNziie_N_A what is the type of that _id field you are trying to find with your query?

It’s an integer as seen in the first image @Massimiliano_Marcon

Can anyone help? I still need help with this issue.

Hello @vNziie_N_A ,

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To understand your use case better and test this at my end, can you please share a few more details, such as:

  • Example document that you are trying to fetch
  • Are you connected to MongoDB Atlas or installed MongoDB on your local?


Please post UN-cropped Compass window snapshots. Sometimes the context helps up what is wrong. Can you also enter edit mode for the document you do not find. This way we should see the exact data type of the field you are querying. One thing I do when I have issue is to add a temporary field like _debug:true to some documents, this way I can query {_debug:true} and find my difficult documents.

As hinted by Massimiliano_Marcon, I also suspect a type mismatch.