Search Nodes scaling/sharding

Does anyone have any information about how Atlas Search Nodes will scale horizontally? Will there be support for sharding?

I’ve read Search Nodes Now in General Availability: Performance at Scale with Dedicated Infrastructure | MongoDB Blog, but it does not explicitly mention sharding.

According to there is no specific sharding support for Atlas Search. Does anyone know if this will be addressed with dedicated Search Nodes?

Hello @Iulian_Nitescu

Search Nodes do support sharding. For each shard in your cluster you will have a set of Search Nodes that handle the search component of queries.

To your point, we do not have “shard targeting” so when queries go to the cluster they will go to all shards.

Do you have a use case where you would need shard targeting and would you be able to share more about it? We would also be happy to jump on a call to go into detail. Calendly - Benjamin Flast

Thank you @Benjamin_Flast, I have scheduled a meeting later today. Much appreciated.

We are already using MongoDB quite a lot, and I am investigating whether we can move some of our other use cases from Elastic to MongoDB.

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