Schema view not loading in MongoDB Compass

I uninstalled the community server and instaled the enterprise. Now it works just fine.

Hi @Kanika , I’m using MongoDB Compass Community, version 1.16.3.
I downloaded this one because it’s free. Do I need the Compass Stable to take the labs? And is Compass Stable free?

Hi @marc_18281 I have the same problem, I think it’s because I’ve the Compass Community and not the Stable version (I think you have to pay to use that one, but I’m not sure)

I had the same issue, but I think this problem is related to our internet gateway. I have two gateways, in one, I have this problem, but to try, I’ve changed my computer default gateway to the other (this doesn’t have filters, firewalls…) and now I can see the schema. It is a problem of mongodb-compass communication with server, there is someone that blocks some traffic and produce this issue.

Hi @Sara_36256,

For this course, you need to use COMPASS STABLE version and it is FREE. :slight_smile:


@Kanika Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@Kanika Hello again, the compass stable worked fine for a while, then I closed it and when I try to open it again I get the next error.
I’ve tried to uninstall it and reinstall but nothing changes.
I manage to solve it by going to the task manager and ending everything that was running of mongo, then I reinstalled it and now it works. I’ll leave this comment here in case is usefull to someone.

Solved. Thx!! :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to get the schema view to load after beginning analyzing, is there a port, or certain config would be required outside of the connection via 27017?
Or could it be bandwidth potentially? A few others have tried and are seeing the same result


I’m stuck on ‘analyzing documents’ as well. If I select ‘stop and show partial results’, it displays nothing and then ‘analyze’ fails for every collection. I tried on movies and other collections with much few documents. It always times out. I have to quit/restart Compass in order to get the analyze button to actually do anything and then it still fails on even very small collections eg. results.surveys, which has only 424 documents.


I’m having the same problem.

Facing same problem :frowning:

May be N/W,firewall issues?

Slow Schema Analysis
If the database returns documents faster than the specified timeout (10 or 60 seconds), but the schema analysis of the documents takes longer than expected (due to complex, large documents), Compass gives you the option to abort the analysis step and show the partial results.

Why are some features of MongoDB Compass not working?
If you can connect to your MongoDB instance using MongoDB Compass but some features do not work as expected, your system firewall may be blocking network requests required by MongoDB Compass.

I am downloading MongoDB compass but it does not install. Can I only download it if I have bought a subscription? Please advise.


I just saw a post where you say it is free, but for some reason, I cant install it. MongoDB compass community seems to work fine, obviously without schema

What is the error you are seeing while downloading Stable version?


I have port 27017 open just like it says you need. If it weren’t open, I wouldn’t be able to connect to the cluster at all.

As I said, ‘show partial results’ does nothing and forces a restart to get anything to work again.