Schema validation failed: property 'MatchFormSettingsSchema.questionsArray' of type 'array' has unknown object type 'Question'

Hello, I’m trying to setup sync with a new Schema called MatchFormSettingsSchema. This is the code for that schema:

class _MatchFormSettingsSchema {
  late ObjectId id;

  late List<_Question> questionsArray;

class _Question {
  late String input;

  late String type;

However when initializing my flutter App I get this error while creating my Realm Object:

  final appConfig = AppConfiguration(appID);
  final app = App(appConfig);

  final user = await app.logIn(Credentials.anonymous());
  final realmConfig = Configuration.flexibleSync(


  late Realm realm;
  if (await isDeviceOnline()) {
    realm = await;
  } else {
    realm = Realm(realmConfig);


Exception has occurred.
RealmException: Message: Schema validation failed due to the following errors:
- Property 'MatchFormSettingsSchema.questionsArray' of type 'array' has unknown object type 'Question')

Hi @Juan_Pablo_Gutierrez,

Could you please also share the schema you have defined in your App Services App on the Atlas Portal? Alternatively, you can also share the App ID, and/or send it with a direct message, so that we could check.

At a first glance:

You didn’t include Question there: you can either add it, or just avoid to define a schema list altogether, so that Realm will figure it out by itself.

Thanks for answering, it was in fact that I was not defining the Question Schema.


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