ScenePhase with @AsyncOpen/@AutoOpen causes redraws

How do I utilize both @Environment(\.scenePhase) var phase and @AsyncOpen without causing re-draws on re-open (SwiftUI, Realm SDK)?

Current behavior: @AsyncOpen refreshes each time I close and re-open the app, causing a loading indicator to show each time.

Expected behavior: The app should re-open from where the user left it.

IMPORTANT - the issue does not exist if I remove @Environment(\.scenePhase) var phase

Here’s my code:

struct RealmMainActorPOCApp: SwiftUI.App {
@Environment(\.scenePhase) var phase
@StateObject var manager = Session.shared

var body: some Scene {
    WindowGroup {
        Group {
            if let config = manager.configuration {
                    .environment(\.realmConfiguration, config)
            } else {


struct OpenSyncedRealmView: View {

@AsyncOpen(appId: "app_name", timeout: 4000) var asyncOpen

var body: some View {
    switch asyncOpen {
    case .open(let realm):
            .environment(\.realm, realm)
    case .connecting:
    case .error(let err):
        Text("error" + err.localizedDescription)
    case .progress:
    case .waitingForUser:
        Text("waiting for user")