Scaling.js file

Hi there,
Just a bit curious of the value of x_max (=1521105) and x_min (=5) in scaling.js of the handout of chapter 2. Can anybody explain?
Thanks in advance

The value 1521105 is the maximum number of votes, which corresponds to “The Shawshank Redemption”. 5 is the minimun number of votes. These values are used to re-scale the votes so that the final result falls in the range 1 to 10.

Hope this helps.

José Carlos

Thank José for your reply. I have tried to figured out where do these amounts come from, based on grouping all “imdb.votes” value for the total 44497 documents from movies collection, it turn to quite big number, not 1521105. You mention “The Shawshank Redemption”, is it from the third party survey number or kind of that on all the movies documents?




It comes from IMDB. You’ll find that value in the “imdb.votes” key. All the documents in the movies collection should have that key.

José Carlos