Sandbox moveDetails missing Cohen bro movies

In my sandbox movieDetails, I only find one movie with either of the Cohen brothers as a writer: “Toy Story”.

My collection has:
total documents. Is this what other folks have?

Here is my Cohen bros query and result:
db.movieDetails.find({writers: {$in: [“Ethan Cohen”, “Joel Cohen”]}}, {_id: 0, title: 1, writers: 1})

{ “title” : “Toy Story”, “writers” : [ “John Lasseter”, “Pete Docter”, “Andrew Stanton”, “Joe Ranft”, “Joss Whedon”, “Andrew Stanton”, “Joel Cohen”, “Alec Sokolow” ] }

On all the other quizzes and labs I have had no problems just with missing Cohen bros entries. Anyone else having this problem?

I found the problem. I misspelled their last name. Cohen returns 3 movies. Apparently there is another writer Joel Cohen (not Coen) who is also a screenwriter.

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