Safe way to get the subtitles from video


So I spend quite a bit of time making notes from the videos and to be honest it would be really useful if Mongo supplied the transcripts from each video as an attachment/link.

This would be better than getting google to strip them out, since isn’t always as accurate as it could be (Does a very fine job though). Being able to see the whole sentence that the lecturer is going to say would be useful.

This way I could strip out the comments I thought were useful, and use them for the basis for my notes. The notes are useful for referencing since it is time consuming to hunt for a section of video, where the lecturer says something you feel is pertinent to the question you are trying to answer.

However since this is not available, does anyone have a safe/trusted method that they have used previously?

Hi NMullins,

I totally get your point. It’s reasonable. Our team is working on this right now. Soon, it will be incorporated in our courses.



That is fantastic news. It will make a big difference to my note taking.

A small request, if we could have the time stamp, next to each line, so if there is a diagram supporting a statement, you can go back to the part of the video, to reference the line in the context of the diagram.


Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: Will surely take into consideration.


Out of interest do you know when the transcripts are going to be added ?

I am afraid not. :frowning:

But soon! :slight_smile:

Is there any way that I can help?