Running the Application

Operating system (Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS):
Node version (v10.15.1)
npm version (6.5.0)

I make all required stuff in README.set

  • Creating a free tier cluster called “mflix”
  • Importing Data
  • change dotenv_unix to .env and change MFLIX_DB_URI

When I print the command bellow, get SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

$ npm start

File .env


Any idea how to fix this problem, or What I’m doing wrong ???

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Just a wild guess. npm install?

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try removing /admin on your url

After you downloaded the handout, did you copy and paste the contents to somewhere else? There are hidden configuration files (.babelrc, .prettierrc, .eslintrc) that are required in order for the application to function properly.

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@ steevej-1495 Yes I did :slight_smile:

@ nathan.leniz files (.babelrc, .prettierrc, .eslintrc) Fix my problem

Thanks for all of you, for helps :wink:

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Hi there, I’m having a similar problem but my app is crashing due to authentication failure. Not sure why. As I’ve follow the readME document. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The uri of your cluster is not set properly in the config file.

go to your Atlas Cluster and click on the connect>connect with your application>choose a method , you can find your cluster uri there.