Running on Windows OS instead Vagrant VM

I ran mongod on my host machine instead Vagrant VM.
I cannot run validate_lab_launch_mongod on windows.
Please advice.

Hi @Leonid_75050,

The mongod command is to be run inside vagrant only as well as validation scripts.

I would suggest you to go back and read through the lab instructions and lecture notes/videos very carefully and give it a try again.

Let me know if you need further assistance.


@Muskan_47318 Why I must to use vagrant only? I succesful use my host machine for another lessons.
also I tried run validate script through linux shell on windows - it shows error that db path should be /data/db but I sure that mongod is configured right becouse I run it with configuration. but windows-based shell uses another slashes \data\db. Perhaps it is problem.

Hi @Leonid_75050,

This course(M103) is designed to help you go through the labs and pass them using vagrant/virtual box.

The validation scripts mentioned in our labs check each and every instruction mentioned in the lab notes and will throw an error if you don’t follow the same.

The unix/linux path for directories commands usage of “/”.

Please make sure you have passed “/data/db” as a value for parameter dbpath in your config file.
Can you please also share the contents of your config file for better understanding?


I cannot run Vagrant on my host machine due technical reasons.
I made Docker environment for this issue.
See my Docker solution

What about the provision files? Did you just execute the provision shell scripts to install the course requirements? Can’t see it mentioned in your ReadMe.

I wrote provision file to Dockerfile to install all requirements.

Are you going to add some instructions on this on your github?

If you have a comprehensive guide and it all works, then perhaps the Curriculum Support Engineers can pin this to discourse as an alternative for those who only have Docker.

Nice idea. I’ll try it.

Hi @Leonid_75050,

I have responded to you here on this thread. We can have any follow up discussion regarding this on the mentioned thread only.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer