Rsync is not recognized - FYI repeat of closed string July 30

exact same symptoms as described in closed dialog of the same title July 30. which is:
a. at regular command prompt: ssh works fine
b. at regular command prompt: rsync receives unrecognized statement
c. at cd to full minGW path - then get the correct response
have also done the install of rsync twice via MinGW manager (don’t think that made any difference)
** the final advice of the closed string is that everything is actually ok, to ignore the unrecognized response - and carry on with the course…so that’s what I will try.
Win 10 and most recent download of minGW (today)

Let me add/edit that found another Q/A string on this topic:
Issue with configuring rsync May 6
…in this string there is a comment by:
AqPnp8gJ90T7 Apr 15
“Make sure you update the Path under System Variables and not under User Variables”
…this comment is not consistent with the screen shot provided in the user handout that does display the Path of User Variables…if this comment is not accurate it probably should be removed from the string…

Hi @James_58604,

Can you please make sure you have added the path to your environment variable ?

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into it.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

The edit was added to User Variables per the class instruction. I think that this is proven by the fact that the SSH command does work.

You have used the term ‘environment variable’ - so I’m not sure as to that reference.