Retrieving service Id for Atlas Cluster

We need to retrieve the service ID for a MongoDB Atlas cluster to be used in the App Services Admin API. We used to be able to get this by going to the Rules section of a Realm Application and retrieving it from the URL. There must be a better way. That hack is no longer supported in the new UI. Is there any way to retrieve this service ID from the UI of either the Atlas section or the App Services section. Any help would be appreciated.

Yep – in the upper left corner of yoru App Services project, you’ll see the project name with an icon to copy the ID.

Caleb that is the App id of the MongoDB Realm App. What we need is the service Id of the Atlas Cluster to create a Trigger programmatically through the Admin API functions

API Create a Trigger

This is the service_id under the config object inside the payload of the API call.


Hi Richard,

I believe what you want is the id of the Linked Data Source which is a module in the UI.
The default service is usually named “mongodb-atlas” and if you open a data source, the service_id will be shown in the URL.


Alternatively you can retrieve all service ids on the app using the admin api below:


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Manny thank you so much for that piece of information. It works like a champ.

Richard Krueger

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