Retrieve the status of last backups

Hi, in MongoDB 3.6 Is there any away (system collection, log file etc…) to retrieve the status of (last) backups?

How Mongo DBA are monitoring the status of backups ?

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Hi @mohamed_bouarroudj,

The MongoDB server doesn’t have any metadata to keep track of backups: these are managed using tooling outside of the core server.

However, you should be able to determine the timing of recent backups based on your approach (for example, using the timestamps on the backup file or snapshot). If you want to make this more explicit (and queryable), you could add this metadata to your deployment as part of your backup routine.

What backup method are you using and what sort of deployment do you have (standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster)?


Hi and thx for the reply, I have standalone and replica and there is a timestamp for each backups, because there is no metadata for db backups (like Oracle or SQL Server) the plan is to parse the output of mongodump, I am hoping the monitoring tool we are using will be able to parse flat files and raise alarms if there are some errors

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