Retake Final M103

I searched and can’t find a way to retake the final. I completed the course, quiz, and all my labs. I got one answer wrong on the final and it shows I failed. The only answers I can find is to retake the course. I am not re-taking this course just because I got one wrong on the final as it took over 20 hours to complete. I have 4 other employees that I required them to take this course. I will not ask any of them to retake the ENTIRE course due to one wrong final exam question. I am very disappointed in this and I am considering removing ALL my employee goals around MongoDB training.

All your 4 employees got 1 answer wrong in the final exam? The same question or another one? You can still pass the course with 1 wrong answer. You do not need to 100% to get the certificate. Anyway the certificate is not that important. What’s important is the knowledge. Do you know why you failed that 1 question?

Hi @Bill_Portman,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.!

Moreover, you just need 65% and above to pass the whole course and receive the Proof of completion.
And, as I can see your overall grade is more than 80%, which is impressive. But if you want to improve your overall grade you can re-take the course any number of times. The course offerings start every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC.

And, as @steevej mentioned we always focus on what you learned during solving the quiz and labs within the course. And, your overall grade is quite awesome which depicts your learning curve. :sparkles:

Meanwhile, we always welcome the suggestions to improve the learning experience of our learners. So, feel free to share your thoughts and feedback, so we can make your learning experience even more exciting!!

We wish you Happy Learning!!

Best Regards,