Results To List

Back in the day, we could cast Results to a List like this

let realm = try! Realm()
let dogResults = realm.objects(Dog.self)
let dogList = List(dogResults)

Then, SwiftUI brought a naming collision with SwiftUI’s List so we needed to define which List it was

let dogList = RealmSwift.List(dogResults)

But, somewhere along the way, that stopped working as well.

let dogList = RealmSwift.List(dogResults)

err: Generic parameter ‘Element’ could not be inferred`

Without iterating, is there another castable/init type solution?


Oh, and this version throws an error as well

RealmSwift.List(collection: dogResults)

err: Argument type ‘Results’ does not conform to expected type ‘RLMCollection’

Hmmm. Results is not an RLMCollection?

It’s a bit hard to believe that the functionality to cast Results to a List has been removed.