Result of running the load('loadMovieDetailsDataset.js')

I would like to come back to a command I didn’t pay very good attention to and that is now drawing my attention.
While setting up the files at the beginning of the chapter, we run the following command:
And it created a video database.
I guess my question would be where the “video” database is coming from as a resulting of running that command?
Also, further in the lesson, we had to run the load(‘loadReviewsDataset.js’), and it loaded the data in the video database, which means that this time it didn’t create another database to insert the reviews data inside.
So how does the shell know to insert it in the video database?

Both are JavaScript program. You can use any editor to take a look at them.

For example, the first few lines of loadMovieDetailsDataset.js I have from when I took the course starts with:

db = db.getSiblingDB("video");
db.movieDetails.insertMany( ... array of documents to be inserted ... )

The first line is equivalent to use video.

Hooo I see.
Thank you very much.