Restriction of GraphQl Apis

Is there any way to restrict some collection to be exposed over GraphQL apis ?
Exact use case is : I want to expose only few collection of my database over graphql , but want to use all query roles, filters for all.
Is there any way I can do that ??

If you’re asking whether you can prevent a collection from having a generated GraphQL Schema, there is no way to do that. However, our GraphQL API respects all permissions you set so you can use Rules to disable all reads and writes to the collection.

Do you mind explaining why you want to only expose certain collections in your use-case? Additionally, you can submit a suggestion here which we monitor as we build our roadmap -

Thanks for your reply. Actually some the of collections are for our internal use.
I managed to achieve this by adding empty schema object form Realm Web UI.
We are using realm in our production now as well. So Just wanted to catch up with all the questions that we have for future decisions to use it.
Currently we are facing some issue in production. Logs doesn’t have any information to understand the issue. Is there any way we can get help form support team to evaluate the log ?

I would suggest going through mongodb support or using the Intercom chat to raise this issue.

Intercom gave a sad reply.
Thanks tough