Restarting oplog query due to error

Hi everybody
My mongodb is experiencing a redundancy out of sync situation.
I would like to describe the current error in detail as follows:
I am running replication with 3 nodes, my db capacity is up to 1.2TB after I delete the data in the db but the hard drive is not returned to the operating system.
I use the way is to delete the db on the nodes3: rm -r /var/lidb/mongodb/* and let it sync again, but when syncing, I get an error like below:
Restarting oplog query due to error: NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit: error in fetcher batch callback :: caused by :: Request 1368 timed out, deadline was 2022-04-16T14:00:22.435+0700, op was RemoteCommand 1368 – target:[nodes2: 27017] db:local expDate:2022-04-16T14:00:22.435+0700 cmd:{ getMore: 4903719948924613861, collection: “”, batchSize: 13981010, maxTimeMS: 5000, term: 77, lastKnownCommittedOpTime: { ts: Timestamp(0, 0), t: -1 } }. Last fetched optime: { ts: Timestamp(1650092410, 1), t: 77 }. Restarts remaining: 10

Please help and guide me how to fix this situation
Server configuration:
CPU: 4core
Ram: 8GB
SSD: 1.5TB
Mongo version 4.2.15

Thank you very much