Restart Connections Limit 500 M0

I’m using M0 Cloud Managed MongoDB. I’m facing with the problem of 500 connections limit. I’ve checked full of docs to restart the connections but I can’t manage to find Restart in Clusters Menu in Cloud Manager. Do I miss something? Any help is highly appreciated. Here is the picture and document I’ve checked.

Hi @CSKH_ePlus, The documentation you are pointing to is for a different product than you are using. Atlas is the name of the product where your M0 exists and the documentation is here:
If you are still encountering issues with the connection limit there are a variety of potential solutions depending on the cause. You may want to reach out to the in UI chat by clicking the in-app chat icon in the lower right corner to chat with a MongoDB Support representative. That will likely bring the quickest help. Thanks!

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