Reset work space and Run test options is not Visible

For me Reset work space and Run test options is not shown and I’m unable to authenticate too

M150 is mostly about adding auth* to your server through configuration files.

you need to

  • edit config files
  • shutdown running instances of the server, if any
  • re/start server with these new config files

if your case, it seems you forgot the last step because there is no instance running for you to connect.

and btw, in-browser IDE uses a cloud container for the lectures so your local installation has nothing to do with it. yet you may still connect it if you know your internet IP and have ports open, but then you need configuration files applied to your local. yet I am not sure if tests can use your server.

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@Kushagra_Kesav I see a message you have moved things in this post, but my previous answers do not seem relevant to this topic anymore. please check what have you done with the post

@mdak , you possibly have small screen size just like I have. either use CTRL key and mouse wheel combination, or use browser menu to “zoom out” the page. It is unfortunate the web page design is a little sloppy about the element sizes.