Resatricted News Example

Hey there!

I’m trying to check out and test the example for “Restricted News Feed”. This reflects nearly the same situation we are currently have in our brand new SwiftUI project.

I have installed the latest Node.js and npm version already, running on macOS Ventura. I also successfully logged in via:

realm-cli login --api-key="MyPublicKey" --private-api-key="MyPrivateKey"

Unfortunately I’m failing at the very beginning when it comes to:

realm-cli apps create --name=restricted-feed --template=flex-sync-permissions.restricted-feed

I always get the error:

app create failed: template 'flex-sync-permissions.restricted-feed' not found

Did I miss something?
Where does this template comes from?
Is it realm-cli which retrieves it from the MongoDB servers?

Thanks for any help.

Looks like the documentation isn’t quite correct - try this command:

realm-cli apps create --name=restricted-feed --template=flex-sync-guides.restricted-feed

Sorry about that! It looks like we updated the template names at some point but missed updating the documentation. I’ve now updated the Flexible Sync Permissions Guide page, so all the names and commands should be correct.