Request clarification regarding Realm writes vs writes directly to Atlas

I’m using Flexible Sync to develop my first App (I am a cardiologist, excuse me If anything sounds very rudimentary!)
I have successfully managed to authenticate users vie email password authentication and also update their custom data.
my data models ((some of them) - using Chat application by Andrew Morgan as guide):

    @Persisted(primaryKey: true) var _id = UUID().uuidString
    @Persisted var userName = app.currentUser?
    @Persisted var firstName = ""
    @Persisted var lastName = ""
    @Persisted var userRole = ""
    @Persisted var userMobile = ""
    @Persisted var userCentre = ""
    @Persisted var userCentreId: Centre?
    @Persisted var userPreferences: UserPreferences?
    @Persisted var lastSeenAt: Date?
    @Persisted var conversations = List<Conversation>()
    @Persisted var presence = "On-Line"

    var isProfileSet: Bool { !(userPreferences?.isEmpty ?? true) }
    var presenceState: Presence {
        get { return Presence(rawValue: presence) ?? .hidden }
        set { presence = newValue.asString }
    convenience init(userName: String, id: String) {
        self.userName = userName
        _id = id
        userPreferences = UserPreferences()
        userPreferences?.displayName = userName
        presence = "On-Line"

enum Presence: String {
    case onLine = "On-Line"
    case offLine = "Off-Line"
    case hidden = "Hidden"
    var asString: String {
class Centre:Object, ObjectKeyIdentifiable {
    @Persisted var _id: ObjectId = ObjectId.generate()
    @Persisted var centreName = ""
    @Persisted var centreDesc = ""
    @Persisted var centreLocation: Coordinates?
    override static func primaryKey() -> String? {
          return "_id"
    convenience init(centreName: String, centreDesc: String, centreLocation: Coordinates) {
         self.centreName = centreName
         self.centreDesc = centreDesc
         self.centreLocation = centreLocation
class Coordinates: EmbeddedObject, ObjectKeyIdentifiable {
    @Persisted var x: Double?
    @Persisted var y: Double?

I have created two users and accordingly I have two realm files on disk( under their respective ‘id’s’ folder), which show their profile data and so does Atlas in the ‘User’ collection
Problem is when I add centre details -
If I use the following code to add Centre details, it shows up in the default .realm file (third file - other than the two mentioned above) and does not write to Atlas collection ‘Centre’

func addCentre() {
        let longD = Double(long) ?? 0.0
        let latD = Double(lat) ?? 0.0
        let realm = try! realm
        try! realm.write {
           let centreLocation = Coordinates()
            centreLocation.x = longD
            centreLocation.y = latD
            let centre = Centre(centreName: centreName, centreDesc: centreDesc, centreLocation: centreLocation)

and If I use this code it writes to Atlas collection but not to realm files on disk -

func editCentre() {
    let longD = Double(long) ?? 0.0
    let latD = Double(lat) ?? 0.0
    let centreLocation = Coordinates()
     centreLocation.x = longD
     centreLocation.y = latD
    let user = app.currentUser!
    let client = user.mongoClient("mongodb-atlas")
     let database = client.database(named: "ACC5DB")
     let collection = database.collection(withName: "Centre")
     // Insert the custom user data object
        "_id": AnyBSON(ObjectId.generate()),
        "centreName": AnyBSON(centreName),
        "centreDesc": AnyBSON(centreDesc),
        "centreLocation": AnyBSON(centreLocation)
         ]) { (result) in
         switch result {
         case .failure(let error):
             print("Failed to insert document: \(error.localizedDescription)")
         case .success(let newObjectId):
             print("Inserted custom user data document with object ID: \(newObjectId)")

the above code is actually not writing because of error " Initializer ‘init(_:)’ requires that ‘Coordinates’ conform to ‘BSON’" but is writing if I do " centreLocation.x and centreLocation.y but that creates two new fields by the same name in Atlas (not what I want , though), but will figure it out!!
My question is the behaviour of realm writes vs Atlas writes, How do I ensure writes to both?
My Realm files on disk -