Report an Issue: Feedback

Curriculum Support Engineers:

Of the many times that I’ve used the Report an Issue button, there’s been zero feedback from the recipient(s). I can appreciate that it’s an extra admin overhead, but at the very least, in the form of a PM/email, let the reporter know the outcome of his/her feedback as to whether or not some action has been taken.

Please, can you ladies and gents introduce some sort of feedback/acknowledgement process into this?

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Hi @007_jb,

I assure you every appropriate flag/report we receive is being taken care of. But I am not sure why the reporter did not get any notification when we resolve them. Generally it’s taken care of by discourse interface.

So, thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile:

Sure, we will look into it.


Just to confirm, you are discussing about “Flagging” a topic for attention like below right?


No not the flagging button… that one I’ve never used :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m referring to the Report an Issue button that’s on the bottom left corner of any chapter in a course. You know what I mean? Sorry, I’m typing from my phone at this minute so I can’t send a screenshot.

@kanikasingla it’s this one:

I got it! Let me confirm with the team.

Any news yet @kanikasingla?

Hi @007_jb,

Yes I did. There is no functionality of responding back to the user. This functionality was setup long way back just to record the feedback and the team can work on it collectively.

For technical feedbacks or the suggestions on which a user expects a response, we have a discussion forum for the same.


Thanks @kanikasingla

That’s a bit counter-intuitive! Are you guys looking to improve on this feature or perhaps disable it completely so that all feedback is done via the discussion board?

I’ve always used this link to report issues because it’s always been advocated by the Curriculum Support Team, but with the non-existence of feedback from your end, I personally won’t be using this link any longer nor will I be advocating it.