Replication Labs

Labs for replications have been disabled since I did not complete it before due date.
Is it possible to open/enable the previous labs.
I would request you to enable the labs as these labs have been marked as FAILED
Thanks in advance
Mandar K

No it is not possible to enable the labs if you have missed the deadline
You can continue with the course but you will not get any credits for missed labs
Or register for the course again in next offering

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Hi @Mandar_55661,

As @Ramachandra_37567 mentioned, unfortunately it’s not possible to extend the deadlines.

We have been getting a lot of feedbacks from our user regarding the same and that’s why we have updated the format of our course but they are only applicable for the March offerings and the future offerings.

In order to make MongoDB University curriculum more accessible we have made several major updates to all of our courses:

  1. We’ve removed unlockable chapters. You’ll now have access to the entirety of a course’s curriculum from the moment you enroll.
  2. Chapters no longer have weekly deadlines. The removal of chapter deadlines enhances your ability as a user to learn at your own pace.
  3. You’ll now have two months to complete a course before progress is lost.

We hope that these changes help you to learn MongoDB with even more flexibility.

~ Shubham