Replication Commands

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I have a quick question about one of the answers for the quiz Replication Commands (

Why is this one of the correct answers when, according to the previous lecture, the time of the earliest entry in the oplog is subject to change (ie., because the oplog is a capped collection)?

The time of the earliest entry in the oplog

This has me scratching me head a bit and I’m a bit confused… How can we obtain information (in a consistent manner) of the earliest entry in the oplog if it in fact, is subject to change?


Hi @juliettet,

Yes, the time of the earliest entry in the oplog is subject to change whenever it is required to flush the data and push in new entries.

Also, since the oplog now contains a new set of entries, the time of the earliest reflected by rs.printReplicationInfo() will be of the new set of entries only.

The question is regarding the information that is obtained using rs.printReplicationInfo() method and not the value of those parameters. Which means, that it will always have a field to illustrate the time of the earliest entry in the oplog, hence it is one of the correct answers.

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Thank you for clarifying this for me Muskan!

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