Replication and client connections interfaces

Hi, maybe this is a topic out of the scope of the course but I’d like to know if there is a way for avoiding any kind of networking saturation using different interfaces for replication and client connections to the ReplicaSet cluster, I mean, I had different network interfaces for each node and I’d like to use the internal one for replication between nodes and the other for clients connections, in this way replication traffic and service traffic will be isolated and not impacted between them.

How should be the right configuration for it?


This question is outside the scope of this forum.

But, yes if you isolate traffic of replication from traffic of application it might improve performance. It all depends on the amount for writes vs reads.

I’m working on the lab reconfigure replication and I fail all the test. Doesn’t make sense. I reconfigured and have the following result

“_id” : 3,
“host” : “localhost:27004”,
“arbiterOnly” : false,
“buildIndexes” : true,
“hidden” : true,
“priority” : 0,
“tags” : {


Please start a new thread for your issue. In this new thread post a screenshot of what you are doing that shows the issues you are having.

Hi @Chris_Duff,

I’m closing this thread as you are getting support here.