ReplicaSetMonitor-TaskExecutor Host failed in replica set

Keep on getting following error in the log but no impact in accessing the system

"t": {
        "$date": "2022-09-07T14:49:27.984+00:00"
    "s": "I",
    "c": "NETWORK",
    "id": 4712102,
    "ctx": "ReplicaSetMonitor-TaskExecutor",
    "msg": "Host failed in replica set",
    "attr": {
        "replicaSet": "mongors",
        "host": "mongodb3:27017",
        "error": {
            "code": 202,
            "codeName": "NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit",
            "errmsg": "Couldn't get a connection within the time limit of 524ms"
        "action": {
            "dropConnections": false,
            "requestImmediateCheck": false,
            "outcome": {
                "host": "mongodb3:27017",
                "success": false,
                "errorMessage": "NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit: Couldn't get a connection within the time limit of 524ms"

Welcome to The MongoDB Community Forums @Rekha_Jadala ! :wave:

Could you please provide more details of your environment including:

  • Deployment environment(Kubernetes/Docker)
  • Specific version of MongoDB server and Operating System.
  • Was this deployment working previously or is this a fresh install?
  • Any other context on recent changes (for example, did issues start occurring after a server version upgrade?).


Deployment Environment - EC2 instances
Mongodb version 4.4.15
Previously working
patch applied

Thank you @Rekha_Jadala , could you also share the output for rs.status() and rs.conf()?

Also, please correct me If I am wrong in understanding your use-case, you are able to connect to your replica set node mongodb3:27017 without any issue but keep on seeing this message in the logs?